4. (On-chain) DIP Creation

When a rough consensus is reached, an on-chain DIP may be submitted by a community member who holds enough proposition power for the type of proposal. An on-chain DIP is initiated via a smart contract call. The proposal should be based on the winning outcome of the off-chain DIP voting on Snapshot and can consist of one or multiple actions, up to a maximum of 10 actions per proposal.

A DIP creation is subject to a minimum number of tokens held/delegated required for an account. A Timelock executor must be specified when a proposal is created. The initial parameters are as follows (and can be modified by governance):

ParameterDescriptionShort Timelock ExecutorMerkle-Pauser ExecutorLong Timelock ExecutorStarkware Executor

Proposal Threshold

Minimum tokens held/delegated to create proposal

0.5% of total supply

0.5% of total supply

2% of total supply

0.5% of total supply

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