BoilerBlockchain at Purdue University

Key Info

  • Endorsed Delegate’s address: 0x2345F4E0CdF00D427D773413Dd4617d0156c29A9

  • Commonwealth name: BoilerBlockchain

  • Twitter handle: @BoilerChain

  • Email:

  • External website:

  • Endorsed Delegate’s voting power (includes voting power from DYDX/stkDYDX held and voting power received from delegation): 2,500,000.00

  • Endorsed Delegate’s proposing power (includes proposing power from DYDX/stkDYDX held and proposing power received from delegation): 2,500,000.00

Endorsed Delegates Code of Conduct

BoilerBlockchain has just onboarded and abides by the Code of Conduct.

Why do you want to be an Endorsed Delegate and why should DYDX/stkDYDX holders delegate to you?

As Purdue University’s premier student-run blockchain organization, BoilerBlockchain is focused on education, BUIDLing, research, and networking.

Launched January of 2022, BoilerBlockchain has been one of the fastest growing blockchain communities across universities with over 300 members. The community has started multiple initiatives: weekly educational sessions, developing web3 products, hosting weekly guest speakers, deep research into various topics in web3, and providing job opportunities. Past guest speakers include those from OpenSea, Amber Group, and a few startups like Valts, Arbitrary Execution, and Bubbles. In addition, BoilerBlockchain will also be launching Purdue University’s first undergraduate blockchain course starting fall’22.

The community as a whole (particularly the research team) are strong proponents of DeFi and dYdX. This dedicated faction has the infrastructure and talent in place to be active in the dYdX community, and they are excited to contribute.

BoilerBlockchain’s passionate and hard working leaders are pushing web3 initiatives within the community striving to make Purdue University a leading force in blockchain development.

How will you connect with and contribute to the dYdX community and governance?

BoilerBlockchain will be an active member in the dYdX community; participating in discussions, issuing proposals, and providing quality input to contribute to dYdX’s health and longevity. Our proposals will be communicated with transparency and reasoning to reflect the community’s sentiment.

I confirm that the information above is accurate and up to date as of the start of the current epoch and I will immediately update this Profile and Pitch in the event of a material change.

I have read and agree to abide by the Endorsed Delegates Code of Conduct.

I have completed and scored 8/10 on the Endorsed Delegate Self Assessment. Please find my Self Assessment linked here: Endorsed Delegate Assessment.

Endorsed Delegate Self Assessment

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