Blockchain at Berkeley

Key Info

  • Endorsed Delegate’s address: 0x7ae109a63ff4dc852e063a673b40bed85d22e585

  • ENS: CalBlockchain.eth

  • Twitter handle: @CalBlockchain

  • Email:

  • External website:

  • Endorsed Delegate’s voting power: 2.5M $DYDX

  • Endorsed Delegate’s proposing power: 2.5M $DYDX

Endorsed Delegates Code of Conduct

We are newly onboarded as Endorsed Delegates to the DYDX protocol, but you can view our past voting history on AAVE, Compound, Uniswap, and Tribe on our twitter @CalBlockchain. We abide by the code of conduct

Why do you want to be an Endorsed Delegate and why should DYDX/stkDYDX holders delegate to you?

Blockchain at Berkeley is a student organization that actively participates in governance on Uniswap, AAVE, Compound, and Tribe. Our governance department is structured into protocol teams, where members regularly monitor and participate in forums and governance activities. We provide justification for all our governance votes via our twitter - and we encourage those interested in providing us delegation to view our voting history. We have the infrastructure and team in place to engage and be active in the DYDX community and look forward to contributing to the ecosystem.

How will you connect with and contribute to the dYdX community and governance?

Blockchain at Berkeley will work to be a major contributor and driver in the DYDX governance community by actively participating in discussions on the forum and writing proposals we believe will be of benefit to the health and future of DYDX. We hope to spark more discussion in the forum as well as increase the community's voice by writing proposals that reflect community sentiment.

Additionally we hope to take on RFP's and responsibilities that will increase DYDX's longterm success.

I confirm that the information above is accurate and up to date as of the start of the current epoch and I will immediately update this Profile and Pitch in the event of a material change.

I have read and agree to abide by the Endorsed Delegates Code of Conduct.

I have completed and scored 9/10 on the Endorsed Delegate Self Assessment. Please find my Self Assessment linked here: CalBlockchain Self Assessment

Endorsed Delegate Self Assessment

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