Proposal Lifecycle

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Proposal Stages:

The dYdX Governance Process is fueled by governance forums at and ratified through dYdX Improvement Proposal (“DIPs”).

Below we outline a preliminary draft explaining how the dYdX governance process will flow, from the inception and definition of the concept to the actual implementation. These processes are subject to change according to feedback from the DYDX community.

The following flow chart is the initial proposed stages to pass a proposal:

The following subpages dive into the details of each proposal stage:

page0. Forum Discussionpage1. (Off-chain) DRC Creationpage2. DRC Discussion & Feedbackpage3. DRC Snapshot Pollingpage4. (On-chain) DIP Creationpage5. (On-chain) DIP Votingpage6. Proposal Queuing & Executionpage7. (Optional) Proposal CancellationpageFAQs

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