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  • Endorsed Delegate’s address: 0x13BDaE8c5F0fC40231F0E6A4ad70196F59138548

  • Commonwealth name: Blockchain at Michigan

  • Twitter handle: @UMichBlockchain

  • Email:

  • Endorsed Delegate’s voting power: 0

  • Endorsed Delegate’s proposing power: 0

Endorsed Delegates Code of Conduct

Blockchain at Michigan has just onboarded and abides by the Code of Conduct.

Why do you want to be an Endorsed Delegate and why should DYDX/stkDYDX holders delegate to you?

Blockchain at Michigan's primary goal is to improve the broader web3 ecosystem by decentralizing decision-making by adding long-term thinking.

As university students, we're less motivated by short-term price fluctuations of $DYDX. Instead, we care more about how dydx is poised to best take market share and grow the overall perpetual futures market as a whole.

For example, as long-term stakeholders, we're more likely to take risks that may pay off over the long run. In the past, we voted for Uniswap's DeFi Education Fund, as we recognize the need for working with policy-makers and regulators. While this had an immediate negative impact on Uniswap DAO's treasury, we believe that long-term, this will benefit Uniswap by providing regulatory clarity on the $UNI token.

With regards to dydx, we seek to provide regulatory clarity, specifically within the US and other countries where the dydx platform is currently banned. While it's an expensive process, we believe the future of finance doesn't run on geo-locked front-ends and that finding this regulatory clarity will benefit dydx by expanding the total addressable market.

How will you connect with and contribute to the dYdX community and governance?

We will primarily contribute by participating in governance forums, actively voting, and posting our reasoning behind votes on Twitter.

Specifically, we'll focus on:

  • working with regulation to gain legal clarity around the $DYDX token (i.e., whether or not it's a security) or and the dydx platform (how we can move into currently banned areas)

  • expanding our grants program to focus on developers building on top of dydx, potentially via for-profit investments as well

Other things on our radar but are not the primary focus include:

  • identifying and optimizing parameters, such as user trading & liquidity rewards

  • treasury management

I confirm that the information above is accurate and up to date as of the start of the current epoch and I will immediately update this Profile and Pitch in the event of a material change.

I have read and agree to abide by the Endorsed Delegates Code of Conduct. I have completed and scored 9/10 on the Endorsed Delegate Self Assessment.

Please find my Self Assessment linked here:

Endorsed Delegate Self Assessment

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