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dYdX Ambassador Program

What is the Ambassador Program?

dYdX Foundation is launching an Ambassador Program to inspire and give responsibility, autonomy and purpose back to the community. The community is the beating heart of dYdX so we’re really excited to get everyone involved in contributing towards the growth and development of the dYdX protocol.
Ambassadorship will be a huge part of dYdX’s future. As we focus on becoming more and more decentralized, ambassadors will have greater and greater responsibility in building out the brand, product, community and drive meaningful change to the protocol.
Ambassadors will become an indispensable component of the machine that helps dYdX reach the greater DeFi community. Ambassadors are determined to spread the word of how strong the mission of dYdX is and our capacity to achieve greatness. They come from all walks of life and have a deep desire to participate in building something bigger than themselves. They feel drawn to the crypto ecosystem because of the potential they see, and they believe dYdX provides some amazing tools to help build the future of DeFi.
Some examples of things Ambassadors do, include writing articles, making videos, brainstorming new use cases for existing products, and looking for opportunities to collaborate with other communities.
dYdX Ambassador Program
dYdX Ambassador Program
Official website of The Ambassador Program (Created by jamesdydx.eth)

Benefits of Being An Ambassador

Ambassadors will of course have perks and be rewarded accordingly! You’ll become an integral part of the team and work collaboratively with each other to come up with ideas and solutions to develop and grow the dYdX protocol! You will be eligible for the following benefits:
  • Exclusive Invitations such as dYdX events, conferences and research calls with the team
  • dYdX Ambassador meet-ups where you’ll meet each other and form friendships with likeminded, intelligent people, building the world of DeFi and Web3
  • Access to Ambassador, Community Manager and Core team only resources for education and training. This includes a high consideration for all feedback
  • Free swag to rep and have access to for all the hard-work you’ll put in (coming soon)
  • Token gated burrow events and calls that require private access to attend to
  • Direct Impact to local and global communities by shaping the direction of the dYdX protocol
  • AAA’s Ask Ambassadors Anything, our weekly call to showcase your contributions to a live audience
  • Expert Support from all the dYdX community. The core team will be there to support, but the Ambassadors will become such a cohesive team that they will be more equipped at answering complex and routine questions
  • Autonomy in the community, such as if the Ambassadors feel a reward is required for exceptional work and effort, this can be voted on